Tatvik announces use of its codecs in Video Phone App LivyTalk for NTT

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July 15, 2015. Bangalore, India.Tatvik announces use of its high-performace video codecs for LivyTalk, an IP Phone & Video Phone application developed by SoftFront for iOS and Android devices.

LivyTalk is an IP Phone & video Phone application for iOS and Android devices which supports HIKARI DENWA of NTT EAST and NTT WEST. By installing Livytalk application, the users can communicate with other iOS and Android devices which support HIKARI DENWA with high quality voice and video.

The LivyTalk application uses Tatvik’s video codecs for high quality video call on the devices.The codecs are software only codecs, and do not have any dependedncy on hardware accelerators, which makes LivyTalk application compatible with all Cortex-A series based iOS and Android devices.