BSAC Decoder

Tatvik’s MPEG-4 BSAC (Bit Sliced Arithmetic Coding) Audio Decoder implementation is one of the fast fixed-point implementations for Mobile Platforms. The implementation is efficient in terms of low MIPS and small memory footprint. Tatvik’s BSAC Audio Decoder can be easily integrated in T-DMB solution.


ProfileMPEG-4 BSAC (T-DMB Compliant)Options Tools• Intensity Stereo
• Mid/side Stereo
• Temporal Noise Shaping (TNS)
• Perceptual Noise Substitution (PNS)
Sampling rates 8-48 KHzChannelsMono/Stereo
Bit Rate Any (Compliant with Standard) Output 16 Bit PCM
ProcessorsARM9, ARM11
ARM Cortex A8,A9,A7,A15
Intel x86, x64
Windows (Phone) 7/8
Embedded Linux
Windows, Linux, MAC
ComplianceISO/IEC 14496-4, ISO/IEC 14496-3:2005


Tatvik BSAC Audio Decoder implementation has been ported to varios platforms. The detailed benchmark results on ARM Simulator (ARMulator) are shown in the table below:

Sequence Type MCycles/sec on Nokia N93 (ARM11, 330 MHz)
Stereo_48KHz_57Kbps 32.4
Mono_48KHz_32Kbps 25.9