Video Filters

Tatvik provides transform filters for various video codecs. The filters have been tested for interoperability with third party filters. The filters  have additional settings which can be modified on the property pages if necessary. The filters are available for Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Phone Operating Systems.

Available Video Filters

  • H.264 BP Decoder DS Filter
  • H.264 BP Encoder DS Filter
  • H.264 HP Decoder DS Filter
  • H.264 HP Encoder DS Filter
  • H.263 Decoder DS Filter
  • H.263 Encoder DS Filter
  • MPEG-4 SP Decoder DS Filter
  • MPEG-4 SP Encoder DS Filter
  • MPEG-4 ASP Decoder DS Filter
  • MPEG-2 Decoder DS Filter
  • MPEG-2 Encoder DS Filter
  • VC-1 Decoder DS Filter

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