AirPlay Mirroring SDK

Tatvik provides AirPlay Mirroring SDK to receive screen and audio of Apple AirPlay devices including iPhone, iPad, iPodTouch and Mac OSX devices. AirPlay Mirroring is the process of displaying screen and audio of AirPlay device to a receiver device. AirPlay Casting is process of streaming an audio/video stream from AirPlay device to a receiver device. Tatvik’s Airplay Receiver SDK supports both Airplay Mirroring and AirPlay Casting to a receiver device. It is useful when giving presentations and demonstrations, creating screencasts or videos, or just enjoying iPhone/iPad/Mac photos or videos or games on a large screen.

Airplay Mirroring of iPad and iPhone on Windows PC


  • Screen Mirroring from iOS and Mac OSX devices.
  • Playback of downloaded or recorded audio/video content.
  • Slideshow of downloaded or camera captured images.
  • Option to set password to restrict unauthorized user from sharing his iOS/Mac device.
  • The SDK supports option to set output as decoded data or encoded data.
  • The SDK supports use of hardware H.264 decoder available on the receiver device for low CPU usage and better performance.
  • The SDK has simple and easy to integrate API which is uniform across multiple supported platforms.
  • Supports connecting multiple Airplay Devices to a single receiver device.
  • Supports playback of YouTube free content to the Airplay Receiver device.
  • The Airplay Receiver SDK is available on several different platforms, and can be easily ported to new platforms.

Supported Platforms

  • Android Phones, Tablets and Set Top Box.
  • ARM Linux based devices e.g. Raspberry Pi3, Ordoid C2 and many more.
  • x86/x64 based Windows PC and fanless box.
  • X86/x64 based Linux Computer and fanless box.
  • Apple Mac computer.

Airplay Mirroring of iPad and iPhone on Android Phone

Use Cases

Meeting room Collaboration: The SDK allows the presenter to slide the presentation while walking around and being more interactive with the audience, instead of being near to the laptop connected to the big screen to slide through. The mobile display can also be broadcasted on video conference call or webinar through this technology.

Education: The SDK can be used to share the content from Apple devices to the classroom. Thus, the instructor can walk around the room during demonstration. Also, the students can show their work to the whole classroom using this technology. The provision of password protection feature restricts unauthorized access.

Home Entertainment: The SDK allows users to watch stored videos/songs and YouTube free content directly to the receiver device over WiFi. It also facilitates easy viewing of photos and videos on a large screen at family and friends gatherings.

Car Infotainment: The SDK allows sharing of screen, playback of audio/video/movies, slideshow of the photos stored on iOS/Mac devices to Android/Embedded Linux based Car Infotainment unit wirelessly for viewing by all occupants in the car. This enables a car to act as a small presentation room, where the iOS user can take the users through presentation on Car Infotainment controlling the slides from the iOS device.