MPEG4 ASP Decoder

Tatvik’s MPEG-4 Advanced Simple Profile Video Decoder implementation is one of the fastest implementations for Mobile and PC Platforms. The implementation is highly efficient in terms of low MIPS and small memory footprint.


ProfileMPEG-4 Simple and Advanced Simple ProfileLevelsAll levels
ResolutionAny (including QCIF, QVGA, CIF, VGA, D1, 720P, 1080P)Input FormatMPEG-4 ISO/IEC 14496-2 Simple Profile Streams
OutputYUV420, YUYV, RGB32/24/16/15/12Tools• All MPEG-4 SP tools and H.263 P0 tools
• B-VOP (Bi-directional frames)
• GMC (Global motion compensation)
• QPEL (Quarter Pixel Motion Compensation)
• MPEG Quantization Type 1 Interlace
ProcessorsARM9, ARM11
ARM Cortex A8,A9,A7,A15
Intel Core i3, i5, i7
OSiOS, Android
Windows (Phone) 7/8
Embedded Linux
Mac, Windows, Linux
ComplianceISO/IEC 14496-2 MPEG-4 Simple Profile and Advanced
Simple Profile Bitstream Set.


 Tatvik MPEG-4 ASP decoder implementation has been ported to Symbian OS, WinCE OS and Embedded Linux OS based devices. The implementation shows excellent results on all platforms. Detailed benchmark results are shown in the table below:

Sequence TypeDeviceMCycles/sec
QCIF, 30fps, 128kbpsARM9 Simulator 10 – 44 MCycles/Sec
QVGA, 30fps, 384kbpsARM9 Simulator36-136 MCycles/sec