VP8 Decoder

Tatvik’s VP8 Video Decoder implementation is one of the fastest implementations for Mobile and PC Platforms. The implementation is highly efficient in terms of low MIPS and small memory footprint.


Profile Profiles 0, 1, 2 & 3 Resolution Any
Input VP8 elementary bitstreamOutput YUV420, YUYV RGB32/24/16/15/12
ProcessorsARM9, ARM11
ARM Cortex A8,A9,A7,A15
Intel x86, x64
Windows (Phone) 7/8
Embedded Linux
Windows, Linux, MAC
ComplianceGoogle’s VP8 standard


Tatvik VP8 video decoder is available on several platforms. The implementation shows excellent result on all platforms. The benchmark results on Cortex-A8 based linux device are shown in the table below:

Sequence Type CPU load on BeagleBoard (Cortex-A8, 720 MHz) for 30 FPS decoding
QVGA,30fps,320kbps 100-125 MHz
720x480, 30fps, 1mbps 490-550 MHz