Mobile Apps

Tatvik provide engineering services to develop rich multimedia applications and other generic applications on Android, iOS and Windows. The offering includes complete Mobile Application development, including the User Interface (UI) of the application.


  • UI Design
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows Phone 8
  • Server/client application

Some of the customer apps developed:

  • Streaming multimedia player on iOS supporting UDP, RTP/RTSP, HLS streaming protocols. The complete application including the UI was developed by Tatvik team for the customer who is manufacturer of encoding/transcoder hardware devices. The player was tested to work with all of their products, playing back videos with resolution upto 1080p.
  • Tatvik team has provided services for development of Eye Health Measurement App on iOS and Android. The app includes UI design, camera capture, video encoding to MP4 file, perform image processing on captured video and generate a report on eye openness as a function of time which can is used by ophthalmologist to measure health of the eye.