MPEG2 Decoder

Tatvik’s MPEG-2 Video Decoder implementation is one of the fastest implementations PC platform. The implementation is highly efficient in terms of low MIPS and small memory footprint.


ProfileSimple, Main, High and 4:2:2 Profile LevelsAll Levels
ResolutionAny (including QCIF, QVGA, CIF, VGA, D1, 720P, 1080P)InputMPEG-2 ISO/IEC 13818-2 Streams and MPEG-1 ISO/IEC 11172-2 Streams
OutputYUV420, YUYV, RGB32/24/16/15/12ComplianceISO/IEC 13818-2 and ISO/IEC 11172-2
ProcessorsARM9, ARM11
ARM Cortex A8,A9,A7,A15
Intel Core i3, i5, i7
OSiOS, Android
Windows (Phone) 7/8
Embedded Linux
Mac, Windows, Linux


Tatvik MPEG-2 decoder implementation has shown excellent results on all platforms. Detailed benchmark results are shown in the table below:

Sequence TypeDeviceMCycles/sec
CIF, 25 fps, 1mbps ARM9 Simulator90–124 MCycles/sec
VGA, 25 fps, 2mbps ARM9 Simulator320–410 MCycles/sec
D1, 25fps, 3.5mbpsARM9 Simulator430–520 MCycles/sec